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Swizzle – Change the way you Discover, Experience, and Share Video Content


See Swizzle in Action!

A Brilliant Innovation for Content Creators

Who are Content Creators to Swizzle?

Every single individual or business who is dealing with any type of video content such as YouTubers, Broadcasters, Bloggers, Vloggers, Musicians, Gamers, Startups, etc.

How can Swizzle help you?

Swizzle’s ‘Video Cocktails’ let you put together multiple videos and share them in a way people actually want to watch them.  Your viewers will be exposed to the best parts of your videos, one after another, and when they get hooked on one, they can easily watch the entire thing in one move.  A Video Cocktail is easy to make, does not copy any videos, does not download videos, is viewable by anyone, whether they have the app or not, and is designed to be easily shared to increase virability.

Do you want talk with us?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss more.

Nick Szabo, COO of Swizzle

Email.   nick@ideabove.com
Cell.   +1 (703) 996-9124

Ian Lee, CEO of Swizzle

Email.   ianlee@ideabove.com
Cell.   +82-10-8504-2028


How to Create a Video Cocktail?


Step 1.
Find Videos

Search and add online videos that you want to watch


Step 2.
Pick Clips & Mix

Choose best parts of each video and put them together


Step 3.

Share your Video Cocktail on any platform you want.


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